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Honorable Mentions

We are delighted to learn about your enthusiasm in exploring the life and legacy of Rachel Carson for National History Day projects. We strongly encourage you to examine the comprehensive on-line resources available on this website to assist you in your research. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate individual requests for interviews or written responses to your inquiries. Nonetheless, we commend your dedication to understanding Carson's contributions and her literary works, and wish you the best of luck in your National History Day contests.

Should you want to showcase a project from your school, please utilize our contact form.

Emmeline Anthony, 5th Grade
Somerset College, Gold Coast, Australia
Olivia Singh, 3rd Grade
Wax Museum Exhibit
Hewlett Elementary - Hewlett, New York
Genevieve Fischer 4th grade 2015
All Saints Catholic School
Caitlin Lambert 8th grade 2015,
W.B. Travis TAG Vanguard and Academy in Dallas, TX
1st Place National History Day Competition (Regional)
Madeline Weilage, 3rd Grade 2015
St. Ignatius Loyola Grammar School in New York, NY
Winchester Thurston School, Pittsburgh, PA, 4th Grade 2014
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