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Copyright Information

As the creators of this website, we want to personally inform you that we have absolutely no control over any materials related to Rachel Carson. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with rights linked to movies, books, or the use of phrases, text, and images. Please take a moment to read the details below for a better understanding.

Text, Quotes and Written Works

Anyone may copy and use the written information on this site so long as credit is given to the author (Linda Lear) and the website (

Opening quotes: Rachel Carson, "The Real World Around Us." 1954. from Lost Woods: The Discovered Writing of Rachel Carson, edited by Linda Lear, Beacon Press ©1998.

  •     Introduction by Linda Lear © 2015.

  •     Timeline by Linda Lear © 2015

  •     Web Biography of Rachel Carson by Linda Lear © 2000.

All requests for permission to quote or to otherwise use Carson's words from any source must be secured from Ms. Frances Collin, Trustee of the Estate of Rachel Carson. She is the only person who can give permission. She can be contacted at P.O. Box 33, Wayne, PA. 19087-9998.


Photographs may NOT be reproduced for any use whatsoever from the site. Use of photographs is in violation of copyright. Professionals seeking permission to use a photograph for publications in TIFF format should contact the curator of the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections & Archives ( Connecticut College 270 Mohegan Ave. New London, CT 06320 to discuss permission.

  •     Photograph of Rachel Carson by Shirley A. Briggs © 1949.

  •     Photograph of Rachel Carson by Harris & Ewing Studio.

  •     Photograph of Rachel Carson at Woods Hole by Edwin Gray.

  •     Rachel Carson at her cottage in Maine, summer 1961, Photo by Bob Hines.

  •     Photographs courtesy of the The Lear/Carson Collection, The Linda Lear Center for Special Collections & Archives, Connecticut College, New London, CT.

  •     All photographs and illustrations used here by permission of copyright holder.

Other Images

  • Pen and ink drawings by Howard Frech for Under the Sea-Wind by Rachel L. Carson, Simon&Schuster © 1941.

  • Line drawings by Louis and Lois Darling for Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Houghton Mifflin Co. Inc. © 1962.

  • Line drawings by Bob Hines for Under the Sea-Wind by Rachel L. Carson, TT Dutton © 1999.

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